Aloha Airlines Air Cargo Services

If your business depends on shipping and receiving goods in a timely and secure manner, you can rely on the services of Aloha Airlines Cargo Services to and from every major airport within the State of Hawaii. In fact due to the current partnerships with international carriers as well as other Hawaiian airlines, you can trust Aloha Airlines to arrange your shipment to any world destination. Aloha Airlines has been taking care of the shipping needs of Hawaii residents since 1946 when it began as a part of their passenger service.

Once passenger service was halted in 2008, the renowned Seattle based company, Saltchuk Resources, was able to purchase Aloha Airlines very profitable cargo division in order to continue delivering reliable and secure shipping to its many loyal customers. Aloha Airlines cargo fleet today, consists of five Boeing 737-200 freighters that boast an all cargo configuration. With between 16 – 18 overnight departures and two daily charters out of Honolulu, you can be sure your shipping needs to any major destination in the State of Hawaii, including Lihu’e, Hilo, Kona and Kahului will be met.

Whatever your shipping needs are, you can be sure that with services like, same day drop off and pick up along with express shipping Aloha Airlines cargo services will be able to deliver. Their same day service provides exceptional convenience for all your time-critical parcels and documents both to and from Hilo, Oahu, Maui and Kona. With a guarantee of pickup within an hour of all scheduled flight arrival times and affordable prices, Aloha Airlines cargo makes this a dependable solution for all your business and personal shipping needs. If you have extremely time-critical shipping needs, its easy to take advantage of airport to airport same day express service between Honolulu, Maui, Kona and Hilo. With a few simple clicks online you will be able to choose from their flight schedule and pick the times that will fit your specific needs.

If your business depends on shipping products that fall outside of the mainstream office needs, you can still depend on Aloha Airlines cargo services. They are experts in carrying such diverse products as fish and seafood, produce, fresh baked goods, live animals, tropical fish as well as tropical floral and fruit products. With the only overnight carrier that offers refrigerated shipping your can be certain that all your goods will arrive safely and in perfect condition.

Another unique service offered by Aloha Airlines cargo division is the transportation of show dogs to and from their homes on the Island. Go online to find out the special offers that you can take advantage of designed specifically for dog show exhibitors. You can find a listing of participating dog shows and related events on Aloha Airlines website. All you need to qualify for these special rates is your exhibitor or entry number at the time of shipping. Arrive stress free and ready to compete with confidence knowing that both you and your dog have been taken special care of.

Whether you need to ship sensitive business documents, live animals or fresh baked goods, you can trust the company that has a proven track record of more than 60 years. Simply go to the Aloha Airlines Cargo website to choose the service that you need and ship with confidence.

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