Aloha Airlines Flight 243 Crash

When speaking about various airlines, particularly Hawaiian airlines, it is not uncommon for the name “Aloha Airlines” to come up.  While there are a lot of things to be said about this company, and there are a lot of stories that people have heard about it, the biggest topic of discussion is always Aloha Airlines Flight 243.  This is a flight that made it one of the most famous Hawaii airlines because this is a flight in which a horrible crash happened.  While most people who know the name of Aloha Airline Company, not many people know the full story of what happened during this famous flight.

Aloha Airlines Flight 243 started off as a normal flight.  All of the pre-flight checks were done, and none of the crew members found anything abnormal when they were inspecting the plain, and so they went on through their flight.  The very same plain was scheduled to make several round trips from Hilo and Honolulu, with other various places in Hawaii located in between.  It had successfully made three round trips within that day before any trouble occurred.  During the fourth trip, an explosive decompression happened, causing the plane to roll and then a large portion of the roof to be torn apart.

The explosion happened quickly and unexpectedly.  There were a total of five crew members and eighty nine passengers on board for this flight, and miraculously there were only eight serious injuries that occurred.  There were many injuries, however, as fifty seven of the passengers received minor injuries.  Surprisingly, the plane was able to be landed safely and successfully, so that no further damage was done.  Only one life was lost as a result of this crash—a flight attendant who was tragically sucked out of the plane to her death, and her body was unable to be recovered, despite many searches.

During the aftermath of the crash, many different investigators were called in, hoping to find the cause of the incident.  Unfortunately, there was not much that could be determined for sure.  Several theories were announced, however, and many people believe that the crash was caused because of the age of the plane.  The incident of this crash caused alarm in many people because nothing seemed to be wrong with the plane in the first place, other than that it was several years old—but it was still in perfect working condition.  However, the crash did lead to new safety regulations and precautions being put in place, and flights are now much safer.

Aloha Airlines faced many problems after the crash, especially legal and financial difficulties.  Over the next few years, their hardships only increased, and their business decreased as fewer and fewer people were willing to trust their planes to safely get them to their destinations.  They had many battles to fight in order to regain their customers trust, as well as legal battles in order to be able to continue running their business safely and effectively under the United States Government guidelines—which they currently are up to date with.

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