The Story of Aloha Airlines

Aloha Airlines Maiden Flight

It was an Aloha Airlines Friday, back in the days when that meant something special in the Islands. As the morning sun warmed the air hanging limply over nearby Keehi Lagoon, the freshly painted DC-3 taxied to the end of Runway 4-Right at John Rodgers Field Aloha Airlines.

Despite being the end of the workweek in Honolulu, it was a quiet day at the city’s airport, a complex of concrete runways and cavernous Quonset huts built by the Navy during World War II. The buildings squatting along Lagoon Drive were still painted battleship gray. The war in the Pacific had been over less than a year and the many military installations in Hawaii remained, despite the departure of most of the troops Aloha Airlines.

Some of the discharged Pacific war veterans stayed on. On this Friday morning, two of them, ex-Navy pilots Al Olson and Louis Lucas, sat in the cockpit of the DC-3 idling at the end of the Rodgers Field runway. Aloha Airline at a signal from the control tower, the plane turned into the wind and gunned its twin Pratt & Whitney engines. The throaty roar scattered the snowy-white terns and boobies foraging by the runway and echoed across Keehi Lagoon toward Diamond Head, which that morning loomed large and clear on the horizon. Nearer by, Aloha Tower plainly marked the site of Honolulu Harbor. It was still the tallest building in the Islands. The date was July 26, 1946. The occasion was the first revenue-paying flight of a brand-new airline called, with a flourish of confidence typical of the times, Trans-Pacific Airways.

Aloha Airlines – Affordable exotic vacations

Think you can’t afford a great vacation to exotic destinations like Hawaii? You really can turn your dreams into reality and picture yourself on a beautiful sandy beach along calm, crystal clear waters. Aloha Airlines has fares and packages to suit most any budget. Spend your days swaying in a hammock or relaxing on a beach-side chair sipping your favorite drink next to that special someone. Take a short stroll back to your room, have a snack and refresh yourself for an evening of dining and dancing under the stars. It’s all possible when you book a vacation with Aloha Airlines.

From the moment you step on the plane, you will enjoy being welcomed, Hawaiian style! Aloha Airlines has offered premium flight services for over 60 years and knows how to treat their customers. Enjoy a relaxing flight complete with breakfast treats like egg and cheese croissants and much more. Flight attendants are eager to serve their guests delicious meals and beverages and many flights even offer freshly baked cookies and a refreshing glass of cold milk! Prepare to be treated like royalty without the added expense you’d expect for such service.

If you have been putting off that special holiday because you think you can’t afford such luxuries in today’s tough economy, think again and start packing your bags! An online search for great prices on Aloha Airline fares is just a few simple clicks away. If you vowed never to spend another cold and snowy winter without dipping your feet into the warm waters of a beach in Hawaii, make your plans right away to avoid disappointment come February. Make arrangements to have a friend drive you to the airport that is willing to take your boots and parka prior to boarding. Feel that cleansing salt air wash away the stresses of life as you step off your Aloha Airlines flight.

Staff at Aloha Airlines will help you get in the Hawaiian mood from the moment you enter the plane with complimentary headphones and plenty of channels filled with soothing Hawaiian music. When flying from California on a trans-Pacific route, be sure to take in a video that will give you a glimpse of life on the Islands. Then sit back and enjoy a full-length film featuring the most popular and sought after stars of Hawaii. Before you land, you’ll want to browse through the complimentary in-flight magazine and read fascinating articles about the culture of Hawaii and the many activities that await you.

All you need to do in order to take your first step towards the vacation of your dreams is to go online right now and choose the best site that will get you to Hawaii on Aloha Airlines. Whatever your budget is, you will find an Aloha Airlines fare or package that is perfect for you. What better way to wash away the stresses of life and rejuvenate your body and your soul than with a stroll along the pristine beaches of Hawaii?

Aloha Airlines The Peoples Airlines

Honolulu publisher and TPA founder Ruddy Tong and his friends had known discrimination all their lives. For years, the best schools, the best jobs and the best opportunities in the Islands had gone to the haole (white) establishment. It took World War II to turn the system on its ear. In 1946, when Tongg and his associates started Trans-Pacific Airways, it was to test the wings not only of a promising business venture, but also of an independence whose time they sensed had come.

Island people weren’t treated very well in those days, said Dave Benz, Tonggs business manager. They couldn’t get choice jobs in the airline industry or anywhere else. Some of Ruddy’s friends said they even had trouble getting airline seats. They figured, why not start our own Aloha Airlines?

But at the time, the banks wouldn’t lend money to Asians. Frustrated on many business fronts, local entrepreneurs invented what has become a Hawaii institution, the investment hui, groups of individuals pooling their personal resources. One man who remembered those days clearly was Dr. Hung Wo Ching, an agricultural economist who built a real estate fortune in Hawaii with the help of a hui. Ching was one of the original investors in TPA. In the following decades he would become the person most responsible for the airlines success.

Tongg gave local people a chance, and people began to say that TPA stood for The Peoples Airline – Aloha Airlines.

If you were an Oriental, most companies wouldn’t even consider you for the kind of jobs TPA hired us to do, said Elsie Umaki, who worked in reservations in the early years. Elsie’s husband, Roy Umaki, was the first Asian-American pilot hired by TPA or possibly any domestic U.S. airline.

Aloha Airlines

Sometimes appearing below the name TPA was the legend Tongg and his partners had appended as an afterthought: The Aloha Airline.

Started as a charter carrier, TPA struggled financially and against competition from the well-established Inter-Island Airlines, a subsidiary of Inter-Island Steam Navigation Co. In 1949, TPAs certificate to start scheduled flights came through, although it would be two more years before the fledgling carrier qualified for U.S. mail contracts. By 1951, TPAs rival had changed its name to Hawaiian Airlines; the old Quonset huts on Lagoon Drive had been abandoned for the new Honolulu International Airport; and the upstart airline that was calling itself TPA- Aloha Airlines was benefiting from a recovering Hawaii economy and looking ahead optimistically to the shimmering hope of increased tourism.

In 1952, TPA- Aloha Airlines carried 175,000 passengers, a 26 percent increase from the year before, and made its first profit: $36,410.12. The company reported its financial results to the cent.

Thanks to promotions director Richard Dick King, flying TPA-Aloha was an Island-style experience, unlike flying on the Mainland. Aloha Airlines TPAs flight attendants not only plied passengers with pineapple juice, but also entertainment. I think we had to sing, dance the hula and play the ukulele to get a job, said flight attendant Mellie Snyder. When the Big Islands Klauea Volcano erupted, the company would add flights to tour the eruption. Panoramic windows five feet wide gave passengers better views and gave King a new name to promote Vistaliners. Another innovation was camera puka openings in the windows through which camera lenses could be thrust.

Early in 1958, Ching became the airlines president and chief executive officer, while Tongg stayed on as chairman. The first thing Ching did was change the airlines name, and the company became simply Aloha Airlines.

All-Jet Airline

Aloha Airlines After introducing the British-built Vickers Viscount four-engine propjet in 1963 and the all-jet BAC-111 in the mid-60s, Aloha found the new Boeing 737 passenger jet. It was love at first sight.

The advent of transpacific jet service to Hawaii in 1959 brought dramatic growth in tourism arrivals. Throughout the 60s, 70s and 80s Aloha thrived. In 1983, Aloha introduced its frequent flyer program, AlohaPass, which continues to this day with great benefits. By 1999, Aloha had captured the lion’s share of the inter-island business and established itself as the leader in inter-island cargo and aviation contract services.
Spreading our wings

Alohas first transpacific flight to the West Coast on February 14, 2000, linked Hawaii with Oakland in the San Francisco Bay Area. Within a year, Aloha added service to Las Vegas and Orange County in Southern California. We’ve been growing ever since, offering our special brand of flying Aloha Airlines.

Today, smart consumers are discovering that Aloha Airlines is one of travels best- kept secrets. True to its tradition of more than half a century, Aloha continues to offer passengers what they want: comfort, convenience, value, and something more, that friendly Aloha spirit that comes from the Islands, and from the heart.

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