What Happened to Aloha Airlines Flight 243?

If you have heard anything about Aloha Airlines, then you most likely know about the tragic event of Aloha Airlines Flight 243.  During this famous and horrific flight, a deadly crash took place, leading to searches for a missing body, investigations over the cause of a crash, and financial, legal, and emotional battles as a result of everything that took place during this historic flight.  Before the crash, Aloha Airlines reservations were pouring in, and it was one of the most popular Hawaiian Airlines in existence.  After the crash, it took many years for them to regain the trust of their customers and become as popular as they once had been.

While many people have heard of the crash, and know that a woman was killed during the crash, not many people know exactly what happened during the Aloha Airlines Flight 243.  It started off as a normal, scheduled flight, which was to be a round trip between Hilo and Honolulu, with additional stops in between at places such as Maui and Kauai.  As is standard in flight safety, a pre-flight check was performed by the crew, and nothing seemed out of the ordinary.  During that day, three round trip flights were done successfully.  However, later on during another trip between Hilo and Honolulu, something went wrong.

Although investigations were done by specialists, no one is exactly sure what caused the explosive decompression as the plane reached it standard altitude.  Despite the pilot doing everything that it could to prevent it from happening, as soon as the decompression took place and the plane started to roll, nothing could be done.  A large portion of the roof was torn off, and with it, a flight attendant was sucked from the plane.  She lost her life and her body was never recovered, despite the several search attempts to find and recover it.

Out of the ninety four crew members and passengers that were on board at the time of the crash, only the flight attendant was killed, but there were approximately sixty five injuries, some serious and some minor.  Miraculously, the pilot was able to safely land the plane and prevent any further injuries to himself, the passengers and crew, and to the plane.  It is incredible that there were not more deaths due to the high altitude of the plane, and explosion caused by the decompression, however, it is also incredible that such an explosion took place on an airplane that showed no sign of there being any damage or problems.

When investigations were done to see what had caused the accident, there were few things that could be said for sure.  Several people say that the plane may have just been old, as it was approximately nineteen years old at the time.  Others state that Aloha Airlines didn’t keep up on the proper care and maintenance of its airplanes the way that it should have.  There are some theories that explain that the damage may have been done by disintegration in the fuselage, which would have caused the plane to decompress the way that it did.  While no one can really agree on what happened, it caused a lot of new safety precautions to be put into place as a result, and is one of the things that has made air travel as safe as it is today.

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