Why did Aloha Airlines go Out of Business?

Aloha Airlines was a company that had been around since 1929, and was known for being one of the very best Hawaiian Airlines there were.  It was loved by many people, and was only known for having one accident, which led to further safety precautions being put in place.  So many people enjoyed flying with the Aloha Airline Company for both business and leisure trips, and would use their services for freight and cargo transport as well.  These are all things that most people can tell you about Aloha Airlines.  If so many people liked using this airline company, why is it that it was forced to file for bankruptcy and then went out of business, leaving thousands of employees without work?

The fact is that, despite how many people trusted this airline company, there were too many financial struggles opposing it for it to succeed the way it had been going.  As a company, it was dedicated to providing its customers with the very best, and so it decided to upgrade its airplanes and facilities at its various locations and destinations.  While it is usually a great idea for a business to stay modern, and have the newest, freshest things for its company, it is also important to choose the proper times to upgrade.

The Aloha Airline Company chose to upgrade its planes and other various things for its business, and while this may have been the best investment possible any other time, they picked out the worst possible time to make this decision.  Not long after this, the terrorist attack 9/11 struck, wiping out most commercial flights because people no longer felt safe enough to fly.  Everything became more expensive, and no one wanted to fly for a long time after that.  Over the years, their debts began to pile up, and they were unable to pay for the upgrades that they chose to get in order to modernize their business.

While they were the most modern Hawaiian airline, it didn’t last very long.  They had debts piling up more and more every day, and were unable to do much with it, despite their many attempts.  Eventually, there was talk of there being an Aloha Airlines Bankruptcy case, and everyone involved waited anxiously to hear what the final verdict would be.

At the time, the company was covered by bankruptcy protection, but that didn’t last long, and two years later, the company was filing for bankruptcy.  They were forced to let go of all of their employees, leaving each and every last one of them unemployed.  There was an auction used to help sell all of the planes, airports, equipment, and other things that had been owned by Aloha Airlines before it went out of business.  During this auction, the rights to the company’s name were purchased by another airline company, and this allowed the Aloha Airline Company to be opened again under new management, making it even more successful than it had been previously, and nearly everything about the business has remained the same, keeping customers just as happy as they were when the previous owners were in charge.

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